(EN) Washing guide for your Limi Tote/Limi Shopper

Please note: Washing your Limi Tote is at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any damage that may happen during or after washing your tote.

When washing your Limi Tote, it is very important that you avoid getting water in the fur. If the fur does get wet, the colour will penetrate the surrounding fabric and discolour your tote.

To avoid this, we recommend that you follow the washing guide below.

  • First, find a large bowl and fill it with warm water and soap. Because the fabric of your tote is 100% cotton, you can easily use the same soap that you’re normally using in your washing machine.
  • Should there be a stain on your tote, you can rub a stain remover (i.e. Vanish) directly onto the stain. Just remember that you have to follow the directions of that particular stain remover when doing so.
  • Then, take your tote and carefully dip the upper part and the straps into the soapy water. Remember to rub the soapy water well into the fabric in order to dissolve all dirt and stains**.
  • The next step is to wring out the fabric, and make sure to get every last drop of water out of the tote. This is very important because the coloured fur, as previously mentioned, will discolour the fabric when wet.
  • Now, take the lower part of your tote and dip it into the soapy water, once again making sure not to dip the fur in the water. Make sure to wring out the fabric like you did before to get rid of all the water.
  • With all the washing, rubbing, and wringing, don’t be surprised if your tote’s fur looks a little curly - it will quickly settle back to normal if you make sure to hang it out to dry with the fur hanging in a vertical position. You can use clips and clothes racks or a trouser hoop when drying your tote. By hanging your tote with the fur in a vertical position, you’re also preventing water from running into the fur.
  • When the tote is dry, you can iron the cotton… and then it’s ready to use once again! 

** If your Limi Tote releases so much dirt that your water becomes dirty as well, we recommend that you refill your bowl with clean soapy water before moving on to the next part of the tote.